Posted on Nov 6, 2020

Pilot Insurance Agency

Pilot Insurance Agency serves the Mishawaka area and we want to make sure your vehicle doesn't give you any issues this winter.

Here are some helpful tips to make sure your car is in running order:

1. Acquaint yourself with your owner’s manual.

Every vehicle has an owner’s manual, a thick book typically squirreled away in the glove box or another storage compartment. If you can’t find your copy, an electronic version could reside online. Otherwise, contact your dealer for a copy.

2. Change your oil and oil filter.

Oil is your engine’s life blood. It serves as a lubricant, keeping important engine parts from grinding against each other and destroying the engine. Motor oil not changed regularly can also damage your engine as accumulated contaminants cause friction, rubbing parts together.

3. Check your tires monthly.

The only thing separating your car from the road is its tires. They need to be properly inflated to do their job, as well as to lessen the chance of a blowout.

4. Inspect all other fluids.

Motor oil isn’t the only fluid to check. Your car has brake and transmission fluids, coolant, and washer fluid.

5. Examine belts and hoses.

If you want to go one step beyond basic routine vehicle maintenance, then inspect the hoses and belts in the engine bay. These hoses direct coolant flow to ensure the engine doesn’t overheat. If a hose has separated or shows cracks or bulges, then have it replaced.

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